This is part of the DragonSoul continuity.

Xzylocksys (Psi-lock-ses) was a refugee planet in The 5th Quadrant.

It was one of the few planets left in the galaxy not to be part of The Homeworldian Empire and was not on any officially recognised star-map.

Xzylocksys was originally a desert planet, until The Hero decided to settle down there and terraform it.

It was under the protection of The Hero for 7200 years and became a save-haven to any who had suffered at the hands of - or were against Homeworld.

The planet was known for its six moons, red skies and huge cities. Its capital was a massive settlement surrounded by giant walls and was home to a colossal statue of The Hero, at its very center.

Its native race were Xzylocksyans, though it was said to eventually house a thousand different species.

The planet was also the headquarters of The Intergalactic Police Force.

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