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Due to the long and complicated history of REMAKE, as well as the circumstances surrounding them, some events are difficult to prescribe to a specific date. There are also further complications due to corrupted data and conflicting reports. This, however, is currently the most complete overview of REMAKE activities:

-Followers of the Master of Darkness create REMAKE: Age 4 (24537 years after new Life Circle)

-???: Age 4-7812

- The escaped Master of Darkness is discovered: 7812

-First Light Energy/Echo experiments: 9014

-The virus is accidentally released: 10217

-Artificial Life/Cloning: 10286

-Starts collecting creatures immune to the virus, mainly humans: 10316

-Destroys all life to combat the virus: 10327

-Artificial powers are cultivated (early light manipulation): 10329

-The Assassins are created: 13375

-Chara and Goddess research: 14442

-Rebuilding and repopulation of the Earth: 14452

-The Hat is found: 14458

-Squad ZERO are lost in the Deep Void incident: 14971

-Echo Initiative starts: 14974

-Generation one is created and numbered: 14976

-The deep void rift is 'closed': 14989

-Generation two starts to emerge: 14990

-Current age: 14996

Complete Timeline:

A more complete timeline of events from the birth of the universe to the current year, based on outdated, yet more generally and historically accepted research. For newer research regarding the creation of the Universe, click here.