A high ranking inspector under the service of the Empire, found evidence of pyromaniac burns on corpses near corrupt parts of Küpfhenhagen. He traced the evidence to a weird mountain with many disappearances. Under his investigations did he find a powerful ritual site, capable of enhancing humans trough powerful magic.

He activated the contraption and willingly lost his humanity in exchange for holy mechanical enhancements, to serve law and order.

He is currently wrestling the dank darkness while doing his detective work, probably while getting more lost/closer on closing the case depending on the dank logic of this place


The Witch hunter has a name but the characters newer found out, it was later replaced after the creator's memory loss

His powers consists of mechanical gadgets and holy firepower

It could be theorized that the Pyra is the culprit, due to her pyromanic tendencies and the fact that she burned people to death in her backstory.

The witch hunter was mentioned in another campaign, if it was in the past or future is unknown. Whatever the case will he always be the teacher of another witch hunter called (UNKNOWN) that was mentioned in the campaign featuring the "feminazi" (be carefull you could be tricked.. :^) )

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