The Staff of Elements was a powerful item capable of manipulating the magical abilities of mortals.

It was created from the Elemental Gems of Water, Fire, Earth and Air by The Dragon Gods, and given to The Dragon Cult, to be passed down from leader to leader.

It had three main functions: To store supernatural abilities, perfect the output strength of said abilities, and then granting it to those deemed worthy.

The staff was exclusively used by The Dragon Cult to store elemental based abilities. These powers would then be granted to a group of a worthy few, to train with and use, if seen fit by the leader of the cult.

The Staff of Elements was an object of awesome power, but more importantly a religious symbol of the Dragon Cult's faith.

It was used during the 2nd Homeworldian War of Earth, and its power was partially used in an attempt to stop the coming of the 8th Light Circle.

It was unearthed by The Elemental Users in 23471 A.M.D and used by Father in a ploy to gain the powers of all seven Elemental Gems

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