The Snail.png

The Snail is said to be a being older than the multiverse. Rumor has it, it's even from beyond the Lightverse. This notion is often ridiculed for its absurdity, although certain events have led REMAKE to categorize it as a God level being.

The Snail is perpetually still, due to its vast understanding of the Lightverse and beyond. It cannot move, be touched, damaged or even photographed. It is as if it exists beyond our physical dimension.

One member of the sixth branch of REMAKE claims to be able to commune with the creature, which is how we've secured all our 'meta knowledge'. Most scoff at this idea, as none of this researcher's claims have ever been substantiated, and there is no proof of any form suggesting a connection between them and The Snail. Nevertheless, their research was green-lit by the founders and their word is therefore to be written down in the INDEX (no matter how much it may pain the Curators)

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