Sometimes referred to as the 'True Gods', The Original Six are the remaining Gods, considered to have been created directly from the power of The First God.

These are commonly thought to be: The God of Time, The God of Death, White Chara, The Goddess of Creation, The Goddess of Destruction and finally (though disputed by some) The Wish God.


The history of The Original Six is a long and complex story, the details of which change depending on who tells it. Therefore, a condensed version has been created by the Curators, based on what little scattered historical and mythological evidence has been uncovered.

The first of the second generation of Gods, The Goddess of Life, created the first multiverse, originally populating it with those who had fallen in The Tournament of Gods. At some point, after eons of peace and prosperity, a purposeless, yet incredibly powerful being (later to be known as White Chara) emerged from remains of The First God.

Releasing The Calamity and accidentally instigating the first multiversal war, White Chara eventually helped a version of The Goddess of Life destroy the majority of their Bubbleverse, killing The Calamity and every other being (safe herself, Chara, Time and Death) and banishing their remains to The Deep Void.

With Chara as her sole witness, The Goddess of Life used the last of her power to create a child, before perishing. Imbued with the powers of both White Chara and The Goddess, the child was to become the next First God, starting the multiverse anew.

Finding themselves as two of the only four beings in existence, Time and Death swore never to let such a cataclysmic event repeat itself. In the pursuit of this, White Chara was banished to The Void, and to ensure the fragile existence they had would remain, the child was split into two entities: The Goddess of Creation and The Goddess of Destruction, and imprisoned within a meteor. A curse was then created in aid of keeping them dormant for all time.

Countless decades later, a creature commonly referred to as The Wish God, would take shape. Seemingly created from intangible mortal desire (wishes), his origin seems more in line with Lesser Gods. However, his power is a direct accumulation of remaining energy from The First God, focused through mortal desire, thus making his status in the pantheon somewhat vague.

Historical Controversy

While seemingly the most well-substantiated creation myth, it has never been universally agreed upon, with many other versions being seen as far more favorable depending on the culture telling it. The most controversial of all, however, is the inclusion of The Wish God, putting him on equal footing with the Five Original Gods. The term 'True Gods' is usually favored as a result, as it leaves his status ambiguous in the theology.

Among humans, a hugely popular interpretation of the story is the one in which The three Gods of Time, life and Death, defeat The Fallen Goddess, banishing her before creating the world. This usually sees the splitting and imprisonment of Creation and Destruction, in this version a child between Life and Death, as a necessary and noble sacrifice in order to make the universe.

The widespread belief of the second version, is most likely due to its far more benevolent portrayal of the Gods as these flawless, noble, selfless creatures, and is considered far less trustworthy on this basis, along with myriads of conflicting evidence.

Honorable Original Gods:

The Lich could arguably be considered an original God, as he was created from the essence of the Goddess of Destruction and thought of himself as her brother.

The Wish God was - although formed from mortals,- an accumulation of The First God's remaining power.

Danny gained the powers of the Goddesses of Creation and Destruction, using them in tandem to recreate the universe. He could therefore be interpreted as the new First God, mentioned by The Goddess of Life.

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