The concept of the Earth seems to be something that pops up incredibly frequently throughout the Lightverse. A green planetoid, mostly covered in water of which a majority of the population is not only that of humanoids, but humans specifically, is possibly the most often seen phenomenon in all of existence. The word "Earth" being used to describe it is also something that one can't help but see as a little more than pure coincidence.

Therefore it, along with countless other strange cases of homogeneity, have led the researchers to consider the possibility of a Primary Bubbleverse of which all others are, at least to some degree, imitating. A sort of universal frame used by most, if not all versions of existence.

This leads to a whole slew of questions, like, if all Bubbleverses are on some level or another based upon this Primary Bubble, what would happen if it were to be destroyed or changed in some way? Is it a constant connection, or just a superficial likeness, like rings in water after the temporary disturbance of its surface tension? If it is a constant connection, is this Primary Bubble the key to reshaping all of reality? Perhaps one only needs to rework this single existence to change the very foundation of all its successors. If that is true, the Prime Directive suddenly seems far more doable than ever before, assuming we can locate this Primary Bubble.

Another question that I find myself pondering is this: If we are simply echoes, rings in the water compared to this true Universe, then imagine the incredible power and majesty these original inhabitants must posses. What if we are nothing but flies to these unknowable creatures? Imagine a world of shadows. A world where everything has the same color, the same spatial dimension, the same level of detail, and things like sound, smell and touch are completely unthinkable to you. Imagine how that shadow would feel if it were to realize it was but an echo of our world. A world so unimaginably more complex that you can't possibly experience it in your simple two dimensional form.

That is what I fear this Primary Bubble to be. The real world to our shadows. To be perfectly honest, that thought frightens me, and part of me hopes we won't ever reach a point where we are capable of pulling back the curtain and seeing everything as it truly is. 

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