7092 B.E (Before Escape)

About seven thousand years ago, a man - later known as The Master of Darkness - and his brother, discovered a temple with a medallion and a lot of old books in it. The books told of an ancient magic referred to as as Power Circles, and when the man touched the medallion, a strange tattoo known as the Master Circle appeared on his right hand. Since childhood, he had always been able to see spirits, but now realized that the power of the Master Circle allowed him to absorb them as well. This made him even stronger, and when his brother tried to stop him, the man ate his soul. A few years later, his own soul began to try and escape him, and at some point succeeded. His body and soul had now become two different entities. The man then dubbed himself "The Master of Darkness", and began absorbing people with his shadow, until it became too powerful to control. The more souls he absorbed, the more of his humanity was destroyed, until there was nothing left but an empty husk. When he planned to absorb the entire world and become all-powerful, Gascoin and two others interfered, and were able to trap him in a mountain forever, by binding his soul to it.

He then later escaped in a new body, in the year 7810 A.M.D

In his time in imprisonment, he trapped and killed countless people, only letting one survive. He then proceeded to steal her body and use it to escape the mountain, on a quest to regain his lost power and once again try to absorb the world.

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