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This is part of the DragonSoul continuity.

The Intergalactic Police Force (T.I.P-F) were the main enforcers of justice in The Twelve Quadrants.

Established on Xzylocksys, they were not part of The Homeworldian Empire and technically not considered an official law enforcement. However, they quickly gained popularity and after The Homeworldian War of Earth, forged a treaty with Homeworld which allowed them to legally operate on a galactic scale, as long as they did not directly interfere in the matters of Homeworld or its people. This treaty also established Soiterra as off-limits to the Homeworldian cause.

T.I.P-F Enforcers carried Incinerator Pistols; capable of vaporizing most lifeforms instantaneously.

They were at one point the second largest organization in the Galaxy, and their ranks were made up of any sentient creature willing to take up the fight against injustice.

By 25471, their power had dwindled and they were too spread out to do anything when Homeworld gradually broke the treaty by sending ships to Soiterra on multiple occasions. This was mainly due to The Xzylocksyan Plague devastating their headquarters and in turn the infrastructure of the entire T.I.P-F.

Their laws were governed by three rules:

-Help those who need it

-Never misuse your authority

-Don't interfere with Homeworld directly