This is part of the DragonSoul continuity.

The Great Diamonds were the faction controlling Homeworld from some time after the end of The 7th Life Cycle.

The four members were synthetically created by channeling the power of a star into a living being. This meant that 4 Quadrants were sacrificed in their creation.

They had snake-like bodies and white gems, instead of the classic blue.

Each member had a name to distinguish them from your average Gem and to commemorate the star that was sacrificed to make them:

Diamond Èr

Diamond San

Diamond Jiu

Diamond Shí èr

Diamond Èr is technically the first Ersatz, although he wasn't made using an Elemental Gem.

Diamond San, Jiu and Shi èr were all killed during The Great Ascension and Diamond Èr followed a few years later during Daniel's raid on Homeworld.

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