This is part of the Ravaged World continuity.

Centuries ago a catastrophic event occurred, a flood that washed over the world and took all that is innocent and pure. The scriptures of the old gods documents the event in great detail.

A creature of untold power performed a ritualistic intercourse which wrought upon the world The Flood. It changed the peaceful landscapes of grassy plains and rolling hills to barren deserts of white and red, however, there are legends told of there still being natural life; forests of trees that hide the wonders of animals rumored to have mystical powers, all atop the back of a god that has roamed since the flood.

The remnants of humanity cluster to the oases of natural life. Where the last people clasp at any clean water sources, where they build towering structures of lower class housing built primarily of recycled scrap. Meanwhile, in the undergrounds, black markets and chop shops run through the night, where over the years, the folk who live in these areas develop robotics, magic, weaponry, firearms and alchemy. However, deep within the ranging mountains, one can find cults dating back to the first apostles that attempt to gain the admiration of the old gods, most prominent being B’thulu, the god of seduction. Legend has it that the apostles still live within the labyrinthian crypts of the mountain sides, hoarding untold treasures, and having powers that rival the gods. Myths also speak of two immortals who have roamed since the flood, gathering power and working alongside another of the old gods, P’thulu, brother of B’thulu, and the father of chaos.

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