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The Elemental Gems are seven powerful crystals imbued with the abilities of The First God. They were all formed some time after the creation of theEarth, as the magical properties of The Goddess of Creation would be essential in their creation.

Each gem holds the power of a fundamental force of the universe. Unlike the Gods however, they are not crucial in the continued existence of these forces. Those forces are: Time, Space, Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Chaos.

Using The Gems

A mortal cannot wield an Elemental Gem without some item to harness its power. Items known to be able to handle their powers are: The Hat, The Staff of Elements and The Ultimate Gem placed within The Surgeon's cybernetic body.

Despite the inherent difficulty of employing the gems, known users of them are: The Time Demi-God, Hiro, The Surgeon, Father, The Great Wizard, Daniel, Danny, The Elemental Users, Kventic, Max, Fendric and Slave-24.


The Elemental Gems are practically indestructible and can usually only perish from a huge concentration of chaotic energy; like that found within the comet. It is, however, possible for a user of the gems to destroy them fairly easily, though this leaves that person cursed.

The Time Gem was destroyed when hit by the comet during the end of the first Light Cycle.

The Air, Earth, Water and Fire gems were destroyed by Titanus when he smashed The Staff of Elements.

Side Effects

If a mortal tries using the gems, there are a few different side effects depending on the specific gem, not to mention, the first ever to touch a gem after its creation is left cursed for life. The results of this also seem to change based on the gem.

The Time Gem gave the user ghostly properties and could take away one or more of their powers, while the Water Gem imprinted itself upon the forces of Homeworld, fusing them with its power.

If the gems are used without being bound to an item, they will instantly pulverize the user. On the other hand, Gods and Demi-Gods can use them and live through it.

The Chaos Gem, when used, would grant the user the power of Insight and turn them mad; warping their goals, personality, a morals in the process.

Upon their destruction, they will slowly turn you into a crazed, ghostly form, later to disperse as raw energy.