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The cult of Aacqua-Yei was founded by a man named Old John Bob, (this is known by few). The origin of his idea is unknown, but the cult seems to worship water and punish those who take it for granted.

Their sacred robes consist of a basic raincoat and a strange green mask in the shape of a squid. They wear these uniforms so they can be ready for "gods tears", an epidemic that is believed to one day drown the whole world, so that life can go back to where it originated.


They later added a tale called "The Weird Event That Changed John's View". This will stay in bobs memory for a long time to come....

  • The Cult of Aacqua-Yei is quite well known, and equally as feared.
  • The Cult of Aacqua-Yei's most known torture method is to crush the lungs of victims using water or to simply drown them.
  • The Cult of Aacqua-Yei punish members that intentionally reveal their identity.
  • The Cult of Aacqua-Yei never sleep, they instead go into a mediating state.
  • The Cult of Aacqua-Yei often lure victims using water. People that swallow the water without hesitation or appreciation are doomed, while those who savor its taste and drink it slowly are spared.
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