The Song of Heroes was an ancient prophecy on Draaghiir, that talked of The Lich's return. [Song of Heroes]

Original Lyrics

E'nove'erduuhr el'er'Novenuhr

Raa'e ghiir Uhreenove'erdraa aa raa'eraa nove'erduuhr!

E'draaghiir et nove! Ek'et aa! Eth nove'erduuhr de'e?

Raa ahree! Raa'e ahree! Raa'eraa Uhree!

Raa'eraa nove'erduuhr, E'nove'erduuhr, raa'e ghiir nove'erdraa,


E'draaghiir nove'el, er'draaghiir el'aa! E'er'draaghiir el'aa!

English Lyrics

Death comes from the North

With his powerful monsters and destroys us all!

The Chosen one, does not come, but one day he will! How will we be saved?

I am weak! You are weak! Together we are strong!

We will destroy Death and his monsters,

now and forever!

The Chosen one, does not come, so we mortals must! The mortals shall come!

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