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SQUAD ZERO was a special reconnaissance troupe consisting of subjects: 0, 14, 22 and 9.

They were the group sent through the rift during the Deep Void Incident of 14971.

Their members were 'normal' humans of no real importance, however their identities are unknown due to corrupted data.

One notable exception is Subject 0, who has been rumored to still be alive. A creature going by the name of ZERO has been spotted; wielding powers of Teleportation and True Speech, both of unknown origin suspected to be connected to the Deep Void. While this creature has been reportedly killed, there are a few conflicting sightings after said death.

Salvaged from their Local Interface Terminals

Zero's log: 0

My team was ready to go inside the unknown. My team consists of 0, 14, 22, and 9. We were all part of the ( the rest of log 0 was destroyed )

Zero's log: 7

We ran for our lives, after entering the depths of the breach, site 2. The damage was unfixable and the environment had permanently changed into a sub-void state, but most importantly we... ( the rest of log 7 was destroyed )

Zero's §҉̵҉̃҉͋҉̊҉͔҉̲҉ͅ҉͎҉̯҉͕҉½҉̴҉̏҉̽҉̃҉̿҉̀҉̉҉̠҉͕҉̤҉?҉̵҉͝҉̀҉̎҉̕҉̈҉̍҉̄҉̕҉̔҉͓҉̫҉͕҉

it appears that I am losing control over the universal code. I may disappear from this...