'''The Wind is the sharpest of blades, yet still no match for the champ.''- Master Yixsuo

Master Yixsuo is the definition of teleportation gone wrong.

The creation of Yixsuo was made, when 3 heroes teleported into the exact same location, at the exact same time.

Yixsuo is now a man with combined yet twisted memory, he remember times when he was falsely accused of murdering his master, after unleashing some creatures from another world, after his hometown was attacked by the firenation wielding chemicals.

Master Yixsuo now' knew what he had to do.

Now a fugitive, Yixsuo sought any clue that might lead him to the person that murdered his master .

All the while, continuing the legacy of his people, using Seven Lenses of Insight to identify worthy fighters on his journey, testing all warriors he meets to see if any are strong enough to stand beside him..when the slumbering threat of creatures awake once more...

Cause of death: Died after defeating Zanzabar due to third degree burns, did it under the idea of "CUZ DATZ WHAT GOOD SAMURAI'S DO!!!".

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