Kyoma Houin

Kyoma was an ordinary but poor man. He wanted to give his wife and son a better life, so he gambled a lot, but never won anything. He was in great debt to a bunch of different organizations, but didn't have the money to pay any of them back.

One day when he came back from work, his house had been burnt down, and the only thing that remained was a message to pay all the organizations back, or else they would kill his family. He knew he didn't have that kind of money, so he became depressed from the thought of losing the only thing that really mattered in his life. On the way to the meeting place the next day, he was stopped by a stranger in dark robes standing in an alleyway. The stranger gave him a choice to get the power to stop the people holding his family captive. Kyoma asked how, and the stranger just smiled and said "oh you'll see". Kyoma took his hand and gained the power of a circle.

With the power to see into the future, he went to the meeting place. He told them that if they didn't let his family go he'd kill them all. Of course they didn't think much of it and just began to laugh, but Kyoma didn't wait another second. He ran up to the nearest one and cut his head of with a sword. He then proceeded to do the same to everyone else, dodging every attack until there were no one left. He then found the leader of the organization pointing guns at his wife and son's heads. Without thinking, Kyoma threw his sword at the crime boss, killing him. Unfortunately, he had time to shoot before dying, and his family was killed.

The loss of his family was incredibly devastating to him. He didn't know what to do, and after a few weeks he tried to kill himself with a gun. He was just about to pull the trigger, when he heard a voice coming from the shadows. It was the stranger who'd given him his powers. The stranger asked him if he wanted to start over, and then said he could remove all those bad memories from him. Kyoma said yes, and then proceeded to shake his hand....  

Kyoma has a Normal Power Circle in his eye, which gives him the ability to see briefly into the future.

He later gained a Time Circle on his left palm, and a Normal Power Circle on the right.

He died when Pyra ate his soul, to become the victor of the games and gain ultimate power

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