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The planet Earth (also known as: Soiterra, Multerra or Draaghiir) is actually the meteor that holds The Goddess of Creation and The Goddess of Destruction captive, due to the machinations of Time and Death. Their influence slowly, through thousands of years, leaked through the crust and created Earth and every creature on the planet, including every God outside the original Six.

The planet is reset every 50.000 years due to the arrival of a comet and the creation of a new Life Cycle.

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It has generally been referred to as Earth throughout its history, although there are a few instances where this was proven not to be the case.

It was known as Soiterra by the rest of the universe, was frequently called Multerra by the year 25490, in the parallel DragonSoul timeline, and changed name to Draaghiir by the time of its 9th Life Cycle. Brain once referred to it as E-arth before being corrected.

It's dominant species is usually humans although this has varied somewhat from Cycle to Cycle.

Time works differently inside the meteor, and this phenomenon has been used by various people to pseudo-time travel.

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