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Draaghiir is the name of the planet created by Danny after the destruction of the universe.

It has 5 main settlements:

Val'dernuhr, Saa'valnuhr, Suthnuhr, Uhreenuhr and E'ethnuhr.

The sun sets in the East and there is no moon.

The planet's language is unique when compared to that of the previous universe. See Wo'erba'ark.

The history of Draaghiir is broken down into five ages:

-0 - Age of Saa (when there was only ocean)

-0 - Age of Derkhuur (when the ancients and the land was created)

0-1262 - Age of Er'draaghiir (peaceful co-existence of the 6 races)

1262-1A276 - Age of E'nove'erduuhr (the great war that exterminated the Dwarves and Feyfolk, ended by the E'draaghiir)

1A276-2A529 - Age of the four (present)

(Present = 87665 A.M.D)