This is part of The Strange Continuity.

Fate of the crews:

Crew X : Old master (missing), wizard (missing).

Crew 1 : Rattits (drowned/corrupted), Healer (drowned/corrupted) , dragon-man (missing), rogue (missing).

Crew 2 : Lizard-man (missing), thief (?), paladin (missing), ranger (missing).

Crew 3 : Young-wizard (dead), Blugx (corrupted), blood-mage (corrupted).

Crew 4 : Wind-Guard (Alive), The Violator/bloodletter (Dead), Aasimar-Elfeide (dead).

Crew 5 : Wind-Guard (Survivor), Minion (alive), Sword (?)

Crew 6: Birdperson(decapitated), Zombieman(melted), Henachi Otaki(Corrupted?), Henachi Brother(corrupted), Explorer(Alive)

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