This is part of the Swampverse continuity.


Clops is the Cyclop/Smith of one of the recognized shops in the SwampTown, called the "IronHard(heart)".

He is quite high and strong, and dosen't seem too hostile, even towards people with suspicions behavior.



His main rival is the other Shop near him called "Angel Force", Which creates more advanced, weapons, and armor. This is both a benefit and a problem for him, since the other shop surpasses his work in almost all ways, other than in the price tag.


He seems to have 2 adopted daughters called Flintra and Embra. They are both quite effective in the smiting category, as they have created most of the weapons and tools in the shop, they still seem to be learning from clops tho. One is shy with wings while the other has a more aggressive direct form for speech.

Trivia: His name is clearly a shortened version of cyclops

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