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Zeno's Blue Mothers would often be found in graveyards, or at medical facilities helping those in need.

To be a Blue Mother is to offer your mind and soul to the people of the kingdom, doing whatever helps the people even if it means the destruction of the kingdom; for the kingdom is nothing without it’s people.

When someone attempts to become a Blue Mother, a trial has to be undertaken.

The Blue Mother’s Trial is simple yet horrifying. The person undertaking the trial has to establish an echo connection with the highest ranking member of The Blue Mothers: The Progenitress.

When such a task is complete, they have to venture into The Fallen Lands, and endure the immense stress and existential anxiety that follows. If they emerge from The Fallen Lands reasonably sane - and “The Progenitress” deems them acceptable,- they bear the title of a Blue Mother

Through the nature of The Blue Mother’s Trial, everyone within the Blue Mothers has a strong connection with The Progenitress, as it was The Progenitress who went with them through The Blue Mother’s Trial.

That echo connection between every Blue Mother and The Progenitress creates a hive-mind-like structure where you more often than not don’t act individually, but as a group of Blue Mothers.

Their part is vital as The Pillars of The Kingdom; being that which keeps it all together.